Thursday, June 22, 2017

*peeks in*

Me: You should totally go write in your blog today.

Also Me: But yeah, you could also just read or take a nap?

Oh look, it's already almost the end of June, and I haven't written in here since January. I wonder why that is (she says while smiling like a maniac and pointing at the words above). Yeah, I've been kind of lazy about this. Also though, it's because I've been practicing mega self care this year. If I want to nap, I nap. If I want to cross stitch, I cross stitch. If I want to lay in the hammock and stare at the sky and do absolutely nothing at all? Well, you get the point. I didn't feel like writing. So I didn't write. Now I do.

I get all introspective when it gets close to my birthday. Like, what have I accomplished over the last year and am I proud of the way that 32 panned out for me? Am I ready to turn 33? Which, honestly, is totally a trick question because it's happening either way. Ha. This year though, I'm pretty damn proud of myself! I've done a lot. I've stepped out my comfort zone, I've been happier than I have in a long time, I've just been feeling like things are going well. This year I can honestly say that I'm ready for 33. I'm not even a little bit worried about it.

With the exception of 2015, which we shall remember but try not to dwell on, my 30's have actually been quite fabulous so far. I've got an amazing husband, a giant love bug dog, a house that makes me happy whenever I'm in it, a job I actually enjoy, and friends who understand when I need to take a step away to be introverted for a while and recuperate. I've traveled, made memories, eaten amazing food, learned new things, and surprised myself with how well I've managed my anxiety. It still tries to crop up every now and then, I might even let it win out for a short bit, but I've learned how to acknowledge it and shape it into something I understand. That, above all else, has been a win.

Let the birthday week officially commence, this weekend! I'm ready for it.