Friday, August 4, 2017

Old British Lady Status

Embroidery is my newest undertaking!

I'd like to pretend that I'm all young and hip, but the only thing pointing to that is my love of expensive, fancy food. Hahaha. All other signs point to the fact that I'm actually an old British woman at heart. Tea in the mornings? Check. Embroidery in a comfy chair? Check. Reading and then falling asleep at a very late 9:30 pm? Check. Yup, all signs point to old lady. I'm okay with that.

When I first saw hand embroidery at work, I wanted so badly to try it. I did some research, found a really cute beginner project, and ordered it all the way from Israel. Now that I've been working on it? Well, I'm in love. I can say however that it's a LOT of work. Cross stitch has nothing on embroidery. This is so precise, so intricate, and I'm in love with how much passion has to go into it. If you own anything hand embroidered, cherish it. Someone really, really worked for that.

I've kind of just been keeping a low profile. I bought a super comfy reading chair, and I've been spending my time sitting in it, musing, napping, and spending time with the puppy. I'm in this place right now where things are good, and I feel content. I'm happy about that! Trying to focus on the good.