Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Growing up Easter was a big holiday for my family. We threw a huge party, cooked food on the BBQ, and all of our family and friends would come out to spend the day. I remember being really excited for a day filled with fun and sun.

Then, I grew up, graduated from college, and moved in with the love of my life.

Since then it's just been Brandon and I. It's hard for us to go places on a Sunday because he works graveyard and I have to get up before 5am every week day.

So, we celebrate today the same day we do every other Sunday; by enjoying one another's company, making some food we love, and relaxing. It's definitely different. No huge parties, no buffet tables laden with food, but you know what? I like it. It's small, it's simple, it's comfortable.

Maybe our opinions on this holiday will change once we have a child. I mean, I want them to have just as much fun as I remember having. For now though, it's just us two and I like it just fine that way. To those out there lamenting the fact that we aren't at a shindig, don't worry about us. We're a perfectly happy couple :).

Happy Easter, Sunday, or whatever you choose to celebrate today. Remember, deep down it's all about love and life.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A sink full of puppies!

Did that get your attention?

I'm kind of obsessed with this picture right now :). Whenever I need a smile, I always look at silly pictures on the web. There's something about an adorable photo that just lifts my spirits.

It's been an extremely calm weekend. The schedule that B and I worked out for chores has made things so much easier. Yesterday we even had time to head out to a family birthday party! People say that variety is the spice of life, but really sometimes repetition is nice too.

Bring on the week.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salad Wraps and Ponderings

As I sit here enjoying the salad wrap that my hubby made for me (he's the cook in the house and damn good at it too) I can't help but ponder my obsession with blogs. See, I've always been a journal writer. From the time I was old enough to write in fairly decent penmanship, I've kept a journal.

I was always in love with the idea of being able to go back and relive memories at particular parts of my life. Some people scrapbook, some people have great memories, me? I'm a journal writer.

So of course now that technology has evolved I've found a new outlet for my random thoughts and wishes. At first it felt a little impersonal. There's nothing like scratching pen against paper. Then I realized that I could have both. Why not have a paper journal AND this one? At least this one I can share with whoever cares to read it.

Blogging is my new form of journal writing, and I'll be honest and say it's opened up a world of opportunities to me. Blogging has allowed me to express my love of books and to become a voice in what people read. This outlet has even allowed me the opportunity to meet other like minded people who I probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

Long story short? I'll always be a journal writer. Whether it be digital or old school. So you'll all just have to get used to my ramblings.

Much love,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kids crack me up!

I had to share what happened on the train today!

There was a little boy sitting and reading next to the window. I'd say he was probably around 7 or so. Then another little boy around the same age got on the train and sat behind him. This was their conversation....

Second Boy: "Mom!! Mom look! I want to go to McDonalds!"
*mom is on the phone*
Second Boy: "MOM!! MOM!! MOM!!"

Reading Boy: "Hey! Be quiet! I'm reading!"
*moms look at each other and laugh quietly*

Second Boy: "Whatcha reading?"
Reading Boy: "Wanna see?"

And then they sat together and read his book and it was so adorable! Ah, I love kids. The purest kind of people.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I can't think of a post title today don't get one.

MY BROTHER CALLED TODAY! I didn't actually talk to him, since I wouldn't take that luxury away from my mom ever. She definitely needed that call more than I did. Still, it was so awesome to hear a real update on how he's doing :). I've gone through the whole military brother thing with the hubs and his family, but this is the first time my own family member has been so far away. I can't deny I miss him, but the pride I feel overshadows that tenfold. I'm a proud sister!

I finally had the opportunity to procure a red marker (I had no idea writing a letter to send to his PT was so hard) so I think I'll sit down a write a letter tonight or tomorrow. He hasn't left my thoughts since he went, but I haven't gotten to write him a letter just yet either.

In the grand scheme of things today was just an overall wonderful day. Good food, time with family, and no stress. Thank goodness for weekends like this. I'm energized and ready for the week to come.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Since we came back from vacation, things have kind of settled into a peaceful routine. The first day or so were tough but we're back!

I've had a lot of time to ponder the state of things and I'm remembering how lucky I am. We're at a good spot in our lives. Happy with what we have and looking forward to what's still to come. I can't deny it...I'm just downright content. It's a great feeling.

As the year moves on I know we'll be constantly reassessing things. Making decisions as to what we as a couple are ready for and, truthfully, I can't wait. I've got a great guy by my side who understands me. We see eye to eye and know how to communicate and compromise. I know that no matter what comes our way we are strong enough to face it together.

So here's to feeling content. To appreciating what you have and enjoying life. I'm a happy wife.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Just look at that happy couple! All glowing, slightly sunburned, with not a care in the world. That was us last week. Totally loving every minute of our first vacation together as husband and wife! As an added bonus, this was MY first week long, entirely paid, vacation. It rocked!

Now that we're back and the real world is glaring us in the face, it's a bit of an adjustment. Back to bills, chores, and the ever present obligation of work. I just keep reminding myself that working is what paid for us to slack off for a week! That helps a lot.

Luckily I've been in a bit of an OCD mood lately, so before we left I set up a whole bunch of new ways to keep me organized. I've got new calendars to remind me of things, including grocery and laundry days, a bill tracker that tells me when things are due and projects how much money I'll have AND a spreadsheet to stick to my monthly budget.

Organized Jessica is organized.

We'll see how all of these things work coupled together, but it is my hope that it'll keep me honest :). B and I are already planning our next fun trip later this year and I can't wait!