Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Growing up Easter was a big holiday for my family. We threw a huge party, cooked food on the BBQ, and all of our family and friends would come out to spend the day. I remember being really excited for a day filled with fun and sun.

Then, I grew up, graduated from college, and moved in with the love of my life.

Since then it's just been Brandon and I. It's hard for us to go places on a Sunday because he works graveyard and I have to get up before 5am every week day.

So, we celebrate today the same day we do every other Sunday; by enjoying one another's company, making some food we love, and relaxing. It's definitely different. No huge parties, no buffet tables laden with food, but you know what? I like it. It's small, it's simple, it's comfortable.

Maybe our opinions on this holiday will change once we have a child. I mean, I want them to have just as much fun as I remember having. For now though, it's just us two and I like it just fine that way. To those out there lamenting the fact that we aren't at a shindig, don't worry about us. We're a perfectly happy couple :).

Happy Easter, Sunday, or whatever you choose to celebrate today. Remember, deep down it's all about love and life.


  1. I was thinking about how, growing up, Easter was always a big deal in my family. It meant a new dress, church, and a big meal. We'd do something fun with Easter eggs, everyone got a basket and lots of candy. I kind of miss that. Since I moved half-way across the country I don't get to spend certain holidays with my family.

    This Easter I went to work, and then went grocery shopping. I was actually quite content with that. Though I get that warm fuzzy feeling when I think about past Easter celebrations, it's more a nostalgic thing... But I wish I still got a new dress, just sayin'.

  2. Your sentiment about "love and life" is so true! It's hard in today's world to get everyone together even if you live under the same roof...I know that's how it works in my family. My jobs (yes, plural) demand a lot of my time and don't always adhere to normal office hours. Last year was the first time it impacted the holidays, and parents were none too happy. This year, managed to get the day off so family was together but's the every day that feels like an even bigger accomplishment. Happy...EVERY day. ^_^