Sunday, March 10, 2013

I can't think of a post title today don't get one.

MY BROTHER CALLED TODAY! I didn't actually talk to him, since I wouldn't take that luxury away from my mom ever. She definitely needed that call more than I did. Still, it was so awesome to hear a real update on how he's doing :). I've gone through the whole military brother thing with the hubs and his family, but this is the first time my own family member has been so far away. I can't deny I miss him, but the pride I feel overshadows that tenfold. I'm a proud sister!

I finally had the opportunity to procure a red marker (I had no idea writing a letter to send to his PT was so hard) so I think I'll sit down a write a letter tonight or tomorrow. He hasn't left my thoughts since he went, but I haven't gotten to write him a letter just yet either.

In the grand scheme of things today was just an overall wonderful day. Good food, time with family, and no stress. Thank goodness for weekends like this. I'm energized and ready for the week to come.

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