Thursday, December 19, 2013

That's life... or that's what they say.

I'm a pretty damn positive person.

It's a truth that I can't shake. It doesn't matter if things are slowly imploding around me, if the world seems like it's going to crash on top of me, I always try to look for that small speck of light that's hiding in all the darkness. I've had my fair share of dark times. I've seen what it looks like when you feel like nothing is going right and there can't POSSIBLY be anything ahead of you. Still, I've fought. I've won. I think that's why I'm always trying to spread that positivity when someone else needs it. Being along in the dark? It sucks.

The problem is that sometimes that well only runs so deep. With everything that's been going on lately (and no, it's not bad... just stressful) I don't have the energy to be as giving with people as I normally am. I'm gone 13 hours a day. I had to give up things up to make this new schedule work that I miss fiercely. There's just not enough time in the day. Things are moving, but they're moving slowly and still aren't certain. Being uncertain of things is my least favorite feeling in the world. Unfortunately? That's the way it is a lot. That's life.

Anyway the worst part of this all is that I can't help feeling like a bad friend. I forget to return text messages. I have less time to spend with others. I'll go days and days without remembering to say hi to the people that mean so much to me. I'm lucky that most of the people I adore understand. I'm lucky. I know that.

The point is, things are a bit in turmoil right now. Again, it's not anything bad. We've just come to a point in our lives where life threw up a speed bump, but he also opened a whole lot of doors to opportunities too. It's easy enough for me to say "Well, let's just see where it goes." It's harder to put that into practice and keep my mind from running circles around possibilities. I know one thing for sure. I'm a lucky girl to be surrounded with so many people who listen. To have a husband who understands, and to have a relationship that is strong.

See, I'm still a positive person. Just pardon me for a bit if I'm not as talkative on here, not as bouncy, and not as emotionally giving as normal. I'm still here! I'm still me. I'll bounce back. That's what strong women do. We take life as it comes, and when it misbehaves? We kick it in the face ;).

Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's December already?!?

I'm reeling over here. I can't believe that there is only one more month left until a new year begins! On the one hand I'm extremely excited about it. On the other? I'm pretty terrified. I turn the big THREE-OH this next year. As much as I'd like to proclaim that I don't care, that it's just a number, what it means is that I'm moving on into a whole new chapter in my life. No more 20's. On to the next adventure.

On the bright side, it seems that things are actually falling into place all of the sudden. Anyone who knows us knows that we've been wishing for something more. I can't complain, honestly. We have jobs, we have a nice apartment, and we have enough. Enough to eat, enough to go out, even enough to save sometimes. Still, as we edge into the next part of our lives, we want something more. I want to start a family, I want a home, and right now we just aren't able to do that. So, we're moving on. Sometimes being an adult means giving up one thing in favor of another. I've learned that. So 2014 is going to bring a lot of change!  You'll see what I mean as the year starts. I have lots and lots of updates coming!

Anyway this last month of the year I'm going to relax, and let things take their course. If there's one thing I've learned throughout the last year, it's that whatever will be, will be. So bring it on 2014. I'm going to be ready.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gearing up for 2014! Goal #2

The one about cooking.

Let me take you back. Back a year and a half ago, before I got my current job. Back to a time when I worked 7 hours a day, but it was broken up into two shifts. Back when my commute was a 20 minute walk. 

I loved to cook. I'd come home and try new recipes all the time! Bake a whole chicken? Heck yeah! Spend three hours slaving over a pot of homemade chili? No problem! You give me the recipe, I'll cook it. There's nothing I love more than successfully making a meal that I utterly enjoy eating.

Then I got a new job. 

Now I am gone for over 12 hours a day. By the time I get home, all I want to do is crawl under a blanket and have someone feed me. Do I want to cook? Nope. Do I want to order pizza, or Thai food, or burgers? YUP! I've been busy all day. Let someone else do the cooking for me.

I've slowly been working on pulling myself out of this, but the hubby and I still eat out way too much. I cringe thinking of how much money we spend on fast food, when we could be spending it on food to fill our fridge. So, here comes goal #2!

Make a weekly meal plan, and stick to it!

I've gotten really good at actually making the meal's the following them that's not so easy ;). The hubby is helping me with this because we've decided to restrict our meals out to either Friday or Saturday only (because, you know, time out with friends!) and shop a week at a time. It's funny really. We went from shopping for a month at a time, down to two weeks, down to one. It's so much easier to keep fresh food when you buy it weekly! We'll also be prepping all the veggies we need on weekends, so that way weekdays are just pour and cook! Less prep = less reason for Jessica to be lazy.

I can DO this! I've already stuck to it for two days, which I know is a drop in the bucket, but I'm trying to form the habit so it follows me into the new year. This goes hand in hand with loosing weight because, as we all know, I love fast food but it doesn't love my love handles!

So there you go. Two goals down. *breathes deeply* Let's do this.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gearing up for 2014! Goal #1

It's that time of year again! Time for friends, family and WAY too much good food. It's the time where I always look forward, and right now the one thing on my mind is:

Right now is usually about the time I start thinking about what my goals are for the new year. I hardly ever set actual resolutions. They're more like "Things I aspire to do". It gives me a little more wiggle room to change them up if things call for it. After all, a year is actually a pretty long time. You never know what could happen!

Anyway I've figured out my first goal for 2014. Get back into journal writing, and I mean seriously. It used to be that I'd write at least three times a week, if not every day. I can go back right now and read all the things that happened to me in 2002, my last year of high school. Or take a trip down memory lane back to 1998 when I first stepped foot as a Freshman onto campus. I miss that. I miss having a record. Lord knows I don't have the best memory ;).

So my first goal of 2014 is:
Create a yearly journal, and write in it at least 3 times a week.

I'm going to do it on here. I type so much faster than I write, and quite honestly get less frustrated :). There's nothing worse than writing a sentence and then having my grammatically obsessed mind realize I missed a letter. DOH. So yes. To help me achieve this goal, I bought a spiffy book!

Click the picture to go to the book on Amazon!

It has ideas, prompts, quotes, and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff to help you get started off on a writing tangent every day. Maybe I won't make it all 365 days, but I sure aim to try!

I thought it'd be fun to invite some of the rest of you out there to join me! Blogger blogs (like this one) are free, and the book only costs $2.99 on Kindle. I'm starting officially on January 1st, so if you're in let me know! We can link up, and see what question we each answer every day. Trust me, journal writing is tons more fun when you have other people to comment and share with :).

So goal #1 down! Let's see what other ones I come up with before January starts.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


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Monday, July 15, 2013

The animated truth.

Or at least I totally am.

You say there's a huge, mega-million, action, blockbuster film out this weekend? With explosions and car chases? You enjoy that.

I'll be the girl sitting in the theater, surrounded by kids, watching Monsters University.

Look at that face! So yes, this weekend the hubby was sweet enough to take me to see this adorable little guy, and his older counterpart, prance around on screen and get up to all sorts of shenanigans. I will fully admit that I was laughing right along with the kids between the ages of 5 and 10 in the audience. No matter how old I am, no matter how much responsibility I have, I'll always be a big kid at heart.

Animated movies delight me. They speak to my inner child who actually sincerely misses hanging out with a bunch of kindergartners every day. Lucky for me, I have a husband who doesn't mind being there with me while I giggle like mad. 

I was talking to a friend today who said "Well I just feel like I'm too old to see movies like that."

Thus my random profession of love :). You'll never see this girl use the words "too old". Heck no. I think C.S. Lewis said it best...

I'm already there.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bento Box Research!

I thought I'd post again today to share the rambling thoughts going through my head. As I dive further and further into wanting to spice up my work lunches, I'm finding more things to love!

If there's one thing momma always taught me, it's do your research.

So today I headed off to the library to see what I could find. Ah, the library. I happen to work across the street from the Los Angeles Central Library. It's like....a fantastical land of knowledge. The bookworm in me can't help but wander a bit, but I eventually did make it to the cookbooks.

I found this gem hanging among the cookie manuals and swordfish recipes. What caught my eye most of all was that everything on the cover is easily accessible. Then I opened the cover Just wow.

Makiko Itoh did all the work for me. There are preparation timelines, a meal planner to fill out, and even gorgeous full cover photos of all the food that I can make. Am I the only one who drools over food photos?

I'm going to keep doing my research before I buy anything, but this is looking more and more like something I can totally tackle! There are random questions floating through my head like "What size thermos should I buy for soup?" but all of it will come in due time. I'll try to keep updating you while I explore the beauty that is bento!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Uphill Battle

It's always a battle for me to try to remember to post in here. I'll stare at how long its been since the last time I sat down to write, and sigh. My book blog takes up a lot of my evenings. Honestly though? I wouldn't have it any other way. Still, I'm going to try to at least post in here once a week. It seems Sunday evenings are a good time. So here we go!

Let's see, what have you missed?

Well, I turned another year older! I'm not certain about the "another year wiser" part but I now get to write a new age on any forms I fill out :). My hubby was sweet enough to spirit me off to Vegas for the weekend, and I may or may not have had some drinks...

Please pardon the squinting eyes. It was...bright in there? You know what, it was my birthday. No shame!

I've also been working on setting up a meal plan for our family of two that will:
1) Help us save money on food (less waste)
2) Incorporate more fruits and veggies into what we eat
3) Use our crock pot at least 3 times a week, so we aren't tempted to eat fast food

It's been an uphill battle acclimating to working so much. I went from working 5-6 hour days, to working 8 hours a day with a 2 1/2 hour commute round trip. Yeah...there's just not as much time anymore.

I'm currently looking at getting a Bento Box for my lunches. It seems silly I know, but I'm an organizer. If I can see all the things I should be eating laid out, I'll eat them. Plus it creates a need to make my lunches ahead of time. It's so much easier to just say "Oh I'll buy a cheeseburger at work". Dangerous really. Here's the one I'm looking at.

Pretty spiffy right? There are also a TON of cookbooks with bento friendly recipes, so I'm going to do my research. My goal is to have a plan ready to go by the beginning of August :).

Well that's about it for now! If I don't post in here at least once a week you feel completely okay with yelling at me. Motivation takes work, and it helps if others are keeping you honest.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crispy Carnitas!

I'm on a current quest to wrestle the hubby and I out of our dinner slump. You know the one: where you eat the same things night after night? Where dinner becomes a bore? Well you know what, I wasn't okay with that. No sir! Food would be fun again and it would be healthy too!

So I turned to the mother of all recipe goodness (and yummy photos) Pinterest.

If there was ever any place to find good recipes, with easy to follow steps, it's Pinterest. No lying! I've made many a fantastic recipe off of here, and I'm hooked. So I thought I'd share one of my success stories.

I wanted to make carnitas. Pork shoulder is constantly on sale around here, and I felt like we were missing out. So I went out, found a crock pot recipe (because seriously how much easier can you get) and tried it out. Lo and behold, amazing!

So amazing in fact, that we ate our leftovers the very next day as nachos. We don't mess around in this house. Food is made to be devoured.

Three easy steps, marinade the meat, chop the veggies (I throw in more than what the recipe calls for) and then put it all together in a crock pot to cook until your whole house smells like pork deliciousness.

Here's the recipe! Go forth and cook:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun times!

I've been neglecting posting in here, mainly because I've been trying to get a system set up for my time after work :). When you only have a few hours, each moment is precious! Here's some catch up though (complete with photos!)

Two Saturdays ago (I'm blanking on dates so bear with me) I spent the day with Brandon and his momma! We went shopping for Old Navy Perfect Tees which, as you can see, we looked totally awesome in! I had a Crowdtap Sample and Share opportunity, so both of us got 2 shirts for free. Let me tell you, these are COMFORTABLE. 

Then this last Saturday we celebrated my hubby's birthday! He turned 29, and that marks the 11th birthday we've spent together. It's crazy to think about the fact that so much time has gone by. It seems like just yesterday that I threw him a huge luau for his 18th birthday! Time flies when you're having an awesome relationship.

Not sure what we'll be doing this weekend, but I can definitely tell you I'm loving all the time we're spending with friends and family. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Growing up Easter was a big holiday for my family. We threw a huge party, cooked food on the BBQ, and all of our family and friends would come out to spend the day. I remember being really excited for a day filled with fun and sun.

Then, I grew up, graduated from college, and moved in with the love of my life.

Since then it's just been Brandon and I. It's hard for us to go places on a Sunday because he works graveyard and I have to get up before 5am every week day.

So, we celebrate today the same day we do every other Sunday; by enjoying one another's company, making some food we love, and relaxing. It's definitely different. No huge parties, no buffet tables laden with food, but you know what? I like it. It's small, it's simple, it's comfortable.

Maybe our opinions on this holiday will change once we have a child. I mean, I want them to have just as much fun as I remember having. For now though, it's just us two and I like it just fine that way. To those out there lamenting the fact that we aren't at a shindig, don't worry about us. We're a perfectly happy couple :).

Happy Easter, Sunday, or whatever you choose to celebrate today. Remember, deep down it's all about love and life.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A sink full of puppies!

Did that get your attention?

I'm kind of obsessed with this picture right now :). Whenever I need a smile, I always look at silly pictures on the web. There's something about an adorable photo that just lifts my spirits.

It's been an extremely calm weekend. The schedule that B and I worked out for chores has made things so much easier. Yesterday we even had time to head out to a family birthday party! People say that variety is the spice of life, but really sometimes repetition is nice too.

Bring on the week.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salad Wraps and Ponderings

As I sit here enjoying the salad wrap that my hubby made for me (he's the cook in the house and damn good at it too) I can't help but ponder my obsession with blogs. See, I've always been a journal writer. From the time I was old enough to write in fairly decent penmanship, I've kept a journal.

I was always in love with the idea of being able to go back and relive memories at particular parts of my life. Some people scrapbook, some people have great memories, me? I'm a journal writer.

So of course now that technology has evolved I've found a new outlet for my random thoughts and wishes. At first it felt a little impersonal. There's nothing like scratching pen against paper. Then I realized that I could have both. Why not have a paper journal AND this one? At least this one I can share with whoever cares to read it.

Blogging is my new form of journal writing, and I'll be honest and say it's opened up a world of opportunities to me. Blogging has allowed me to express my love of books and to become a voice in what people read. This outlet has even allowed me the opportunity to meet other like minded people who I probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

Long story short? I'll always be a journal writer. Whether it be digital or old school. So you'll all just have to get used to my ramblings.

Much love,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kids crack me up!

I had to share what happened on the train today!

There was a little boy sitting and reading next to the window. I'd say he was probably around 7 or so. Then another little boy around the same age got on the train and sat behind him. This was their conversation....

Second Boy: "Mom!! Mom look! I want to go to McDonalds!"
*mom is on the phone*
Second Boy: "MOM!! MOM!! MOM!!"

Reading Boy: "Hey! Be quiet! I'm reading!"
*moms look at each other and laugh quietly*

Second Boy: "Whatcha reading?"
Reading Boy: "Wanna see?"

And then they sat together and read his book and it was so adorable! Ah, I love kids. The purest kind of people.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I can't think of a post title today don't get one.

MY BROTHER CALLED TODAY! I didn't actually talk to him, since I wouldn't take that luxury away from my mom ever. She definitely needed that call more than I did. Still, it was so awesome to hear a real update on how he's doing :). I've gone through the whole military brother thing with the hubs and his family, but this is the first time my own family member has been so far away. I can't deny I miss him, but the pride I feel overshadows that tenfold. I'm a proud sister!

I finally had the opportunity to procure a red marker (I had no idea writing a letter to send to his PT was so hard) so I think I'll sit down a write a letter tonight or tomorrow. He hasn't left my thoughts since he went, but I haven't gotten to write him a letter just yet either.

In the grand scheme of things today was just an overall wonderful day. Good food, time with family, and no stress. Thank goodness for weekends like this. I'm energized and ready for the week to come.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Since we came back from vacation, things have kind of settled into a peaceful routine. The first day or so were tough but we're back!

I've had a lot of time to ponder the state of things and I'm remembering how lucky I am. We're at a good spot in our lives. Happy with what we have and looking forward to what's still to come. I can't deny it...I'm just downright content. It's a great feeling.

As the year moves on I know we'll be constantly reassessing things. Making decisions as to what we as a couple are ready for and, truthfully, I can't wait. I've got a great guy by my side who understands me. We see eye to eye and know how to communicate and compromise. I know that no matter what comes our way we are strong enough to face it together.

So here's to feeling content. To appreciating what you have and enjoying life. I'm a happy wife.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Just look at that happy couple! All glowing, slightly sunburned, with not a care in the world. That was us last week. Totally loving every minute of our first vacation together as husband and wife! As an added bonus, this was MY first week long, entirely paid, vacation. It rocked!

Now that we're back and the real world is glaring us in the face, it's a bit of an adjustment. Back to bills, chores, and the ever present obligation of work. I just keep reminding myself that working is what paid for us to slack off for a week! That helps a lot.

Luckily I've been in a bit of an OCD mood lately, so before we left I set up a whole bunch of new ways to keep me organized. I've got new calendars to remind me of things, including grocery and laundry days, a bill tracker that tells me when things are due and projects how much money I'll have AND a spreadsheet to stick to my monthly budget.

Organized Jessica is organized.

We'll see how all of these things work coupled together, but it is my hope that it'll keep me honest :). B and I are already planning our next fun trip later this year and I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The further adventures...

News Flash: I've finally finished editing all our photos! There are over 450 of them, so you have no idea how much of a big deal that is for me :). Now I can share even more with you!

Let's start with the smiling faces of Mr. B and I, shall we? Yesterday morning our first order of business was to head to "The Rock". Trust me, I totally said that in a Sean Connery voice all day long.

We headed straight up to the prison block (let me tell you it's a HIKE) and claimed our free audio tour. Walking through the doors of this prison is the weirdest feeling in the world.

Here's Mr. B trying to look tough. (That's his grrrr face.) He and I were amazed at how small the cells really were. A mere 7 feet tall. Look at how his head almost hits the roof! Crazy!

Can you imagine freedom, and a bustling metropolis, just out of reach like that? So close that you can taste it, and yet so very far away. The view from here was gorgeous.

Our next stop was a place that I personally was totally excited to go! The Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Factory!!! They do free tours, and give complimentary samples. Ever wanted to try all 150 flavors of jelly beans? Well, here's your chance.

I was pretty impressed by the jelly bean art! Look! It's John Wayne in jelly beans. Doesn't he look good enough to eat? 

Perfect end to an epic day if I do say so myself! I'll end here so I don't overwhelm you :). Check back tomorrow! I'll let you know all about our epic bus tour that we took today and all of the craziness we saw on it. Until then, onward and upward!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're taking pictures faster than I can edit them!

So here's a small taste of what we've been up to lately. We've been super tourists and quite honestly all this walking is so tiring. Still, totally fun!

We visited AT&T Park, and wandered all the way around it. There are so really cool plaques out, some painted murals, and the people who were hanging out were super nice about answering questions for us :). I'd love to see a game here sometime!

We HAD to visit Lombard Street. Crookedest street in the world! Sadly we couldn't drive down it (Mr. B was devastated) but after they finish maintenance we can. Maybe later this week! We did walk it. Let me tell you....steep.

A visit to Fisherman's Wharf was next. I mean I'm a HUGE fan of clam chowder, and where better to buy some than right on the water? At this point our feet were screaming but we soldiered on. Much more to see.

I'll end this particular post with our view from the bay tour that we took. We were able to go right under the Golden Gate Bridge and it was so gorgeous!!! Later this week we're planning on walking over it, but I'm so happy I got some great pictures.

These photos don't even encompass half of what we've done, but like I said I'm taking photos much quicker than I can edit them. We went to Alcatraz, visited the Jelly Belly Factory (which by the way has a FREE tour and as many samples as you can eat!) and walked blocks upon blocks of awesome city.

Best part? 4 more days to explore. I'll catch up on photos and put them up soon. In the meantime, let the adventure continue!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vacation: Take Two!

Well friends, today was our first full day out here and can I please tell you...this whole area is gorgeous! I mean I live in an ocean city in So Cal, and STILL this area impresses me. Absolutely lovely.

Today we did a bit of wandering all over the peninsula and off. The awesome friends we are staying with are house hunting, so we took that opportunity to go see different cities here. We started out the morning at lunch, of course. What do you do when you're in a new place? Why EAT of course!

 Meet Ike's Lair, home of the absolute BEST sandwiches I have ever eaten in my entire life. No lie. I love good food and I love really quirky places. This place has both!

After ordering the menois-a-tois (RIGHT?!?) and impatiently waiting I took my first bite. I can't even remember what my sandwich had on it, but I can tell you that it was so utterly delicious I had to eat all of it.

Oh...and lick my fingers.

Then we had the opportunity to drive off the peninsula on the San Mateo Bridge. Now I know it's not as fancy as the two larger bridges, but wow is that water blue! I had to snap a quick photo out the window as we drove, but I couldn't get over how beautiful the water and the sky look together.

I'm seriously tempted to move here. I mean, it's SO GREEN! Imagine having this photo as your view everyday when you walked outside to leave for the day. I don't know about you, but I'd adore it.

Coming back on the bridge was even more fun because I got to see the sunset over the water. I so wish I had snapped a better picture but you know how it goes. Hanging your head out the window only works so well. Hahaha.

Our day ended at Rib Shack, which apparently has been on Food Network and is famous for its BBQ! Honestly? I'd agree. Most delicious brisket I've ever eaten. Mmmm....

Have I mentioned we eat a lot?

Anyway day one has come to a close! We'll be heading to bed soon so that we can get up tomorrow and go explore. I do believe it's a Chinatown day! Expect more awesome photos and random reporting on our shenanigans! 

Until then, sweetest dreams.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

We're heeeerrrreeee...

It was a gorgeous drive out here! Smooth sailing, great tunes, and my main squeeze to keep me company. So fun!

Ahead of me lie 7 beautiful days of relaxation and tourism. We've decided to make a plan each day rather than mapping everything out. Go with the flow I always say!

I promise many pictures and lots of ramblings in the days to come. Yay for good friends and good food!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes nothing IS the answer

As you may well know, Mr. B and I have been married for...oh look it's the 20th! So 4 months as of today! Oh my, how times flies when you're having an awesome life.

Anyway the biggest question we get asked as newlyweds, and especially as newlyweds who waited a gasp-ensuing 10 years to get married (oh the horror!!!), is what has changed since we tied the knot. Inquiring minds want to know what is different.


Okay well, yes, my last name. If we're being picky. Other than that though, everything is just the same. I consider this a good thing. I mean, if something changed then that means we've changed, yes? Or maybe it's just because we've been living together for 5 years and we've been through all those roadblocks, over them, and on our merry way. Either way, that's the truthful answer.

You have NO idea how much that bothers people. They ask things like...

"Well isn't it hard to share finances?"
"Don't you have trouble making decisions together?"


"Aren't you worried that nothing changed?"

Answers are nope, nope and a huge NOPE. We are in a sweet spot. It could be the length of our time together, it could be that we're utterly compatible, or maybe it's a combination of it all. I don't know, and I'm not going to complain. I'm a lucky lady and I know it!

So the next time you ask a newlywed couple how it is to be married, or if anything has changed, be prepared to this as an answer. Sometimes nothing IS the answer.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pre-Vacation Brain

Today was one of those days where we just went out to be out. Sadly the weather wasn't as nice as yesterday, but it was still pleasant enough to wander around the mall, snag some kicks on ShopKick (yes I blame you Monica!!!) and eat some delicious Souplantation for lunch.

Right now I'm in pre-vacation mode. My brain knows we leave on Friday, and I am just so calm and collected. Relaxed even. I'm sure on Thursday night I'll be freaking out over what to pack, but for now I'm going with the flow and enjoying life. It's kind of a nice feeling to have something to look forward to.

You'll probably hear it a lot on this blog, but I love the heck out of my hubby. He's shown me that there is a fine line between working hard, and working yourself to ruin. So thanks for that baby. I needed it.

Bring on vacation!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Life is funny sometimes in the way it circles back around. It wasn't too long ago that I had two blogs, one for writing daily things that popped into my head, and another for all my bookish musings. When life got busy, guess which blog took the backseat...

Looking back I'm not angry about my choice. It was right for me at the time. However I am starting to remember why I had assigned a space to write my ramblings in the first place. It is so cathartic to just put down what you feel into words. To share the bits and pieces that pop up while you ponder or daydream.

So back again is my personal blog! With a new name, a simple look, and no rules as to when or what I'll post here. Maybe it will be thoughts. Maybe pictures.

Everyone deserves a place of their very own. I miss mine, so I'm rebuilding it.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.