Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crispy Carnitas!

I'm on a current quest to wrestle the hubby and I out of our dinner slump. You know the one: where you eat the same things night after night? Where dinner becomes a bore? Well you know what, I wasn't okay with that. No sir! Food would be fun again and it would be healthy too!

So I turned to the mother of all recipe goodness (and yummy photos) Pinterest.

If there was ever any place to find good recipes, with easy to follow steps, it's Pinterest. No lying! I've made many a fantastic recipe off of here, and I'm hooked. So I thought I'd share one of my success stories.

I wanted to make carnitas. Pork shoulder is constantly on sale around here, and I felt like we were missing out. So I went out, found a crock pot recipe (because seriously how much easier can you get) and tried it out. Lo and behold, amazing!

So amazing in fact, that we ate our leftovers the very next day as nachos. We don't mess around in this house. Food is made to be devoured.

Three easy steps, marinade the meat, chop the veggies (I throw in more than what the recipe calls for) and then put it all together in a crock pot to cook until your whole house smells like pork deliciousness.

Here's the recipe! Go forth and cook:

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