Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Uphill Battle

It's always a battle for me to try to remember to post in here. I'll stare at how long its been since the last time I sat down to write, and sigh. My book blog takes up a lot of my evenings. Honestly though? I wouldn't have it any other way. Still, I'm going to try to at least post in here once a week. It seems Sunday evenings are a good time. So here we go!

Let's see, what have you missed?

Well, I turned another year older! I'm not certain about the "another year wiser" part but I now get to write a new age on any forms I fill out :). My hubby was sweet enough to spirit me off to Vegas for the weekend, and I may or may not have had some drinks...

Please pardon the squinting eyes. It was...bright in there? You know what, it was my birthday. No shame!

I've also been working on setting up a meal plan for our family of two that will:
1) Help us save money on food (less waste)
2) Incorporate more fruits and veggies into what we eat
3) Use our crock pot at least 3 times a week, so we aren't tempted to eat fast food

It's been an uphill battle acclimating to working so much. I went from working 5-6 hour days, to working 8 hours a day with a 2 1/2 hour commute round trip. Yeah...there's just not as much time anymore.

I'm currently looking at getting a Bento Box for my lunches. It seems silly I know, but I'm an organizer. If I can see all the things I should be eating laid out, I'll eat them. Plus it creates a need to make my lunches ahead of time. It's so much easier to just say "Oh I'll buy a cheeseburger at work". Dangerous really. Here's the one I'm looking at.

Pretty spiffy right? There are also a TON of cookbooks with bento friendly recipes, so I'm going to do my research. My goal is to have a plan ready to go by the beginning of August :).

Well that's about it for now! If I don't post in here at least once a week you feel completely okay with yelling at me. Motivation takes work, and it helps if others are keeping you honest.

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