Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bento Box Research!

I thought I'd post again today to share the rambling thoughts going through my head. As I dive further and further into wanting to spice up my work lunches, I'm finding more things to love!

If there's one thing momma always taught me, it's do your research.

So today I headed off to the library to see what I could find. Ah, the library. I happen to work across the street from the Los Angeles Central Library. It's like....a fantastical land of knowledge. The bookworm in me can't help but wander a bit, but I eventually did make it to the cookbooks.

I found this gem hanging among the cookie manuals and swordfish recipes. What caught my eye most of all was that everything on the cover is easily accessible. Then I opened the cover and....wow. Just wow.

Makiko Itoh did all the work for me. There are preparation timelines, a meal planner to fill out, and even gorgeous full cover photos of all the food that I can make. Am I the only one who drools over food photos?

I'm going to keep doing my research before I buy anything, but this is looking more and more like something I can totally tackle! There are random questions floating through my head like "What size thermos should I buy for soup?" but all of it will come in due time. I'll try to keep updating you while I explore the beauty that is bento!

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