Monday, November 25, 2013

Gearing up for 2014! Goal #2

The one about cooking.

Let me take you back. Back a year and a half ago, before I got my current job. Back to a time when I worked 7 hours a day, but it was broken up into two shifts. Back when my commute was a 20 minute walk. 

I loved to cook. I'd come home and try new recipes all the time! Bake a whole chicken? Heck yeah! Spend three hours slaving over a pot of homemade chili? No problem! You give me the recipe, I'll cook it. There's nothing I love more than successfully making a meal that I utterly enjoy eating.

Then I got a new job. 

Now I am gone for over 12 hours a day. By the time I get home, all I want to do is crawl under a blanket and have someone feed me. Do I want to cook? Nope. Do I want to order pizza, or Thai food, or burgers? YUP! I've been busy all day. Let someone else do the cooking for me.

I've slowly been working on pulling myself out of this, but the hubby and I still eat out way too much. I cringe thinking of how much money we spend on fast food, when we could be spending it on food to fill our fridge. So, here comes goal #2!

Make a weekly meal plan, and stick to it!

I've gotten really good at actually making the meal's the following them that's not so easy ;). The hubby is helping me with this because we've decided to restrict our meals out to either Friday or Saturday only (because, you know, time out with friends!) and shop a week at a time. It's funny really. We went from shopping for a month at a time, down to two weeks, down to one. It's so much easier to keep fresh food when you buy it weekly! We'll also be prepping all the veggies we need on weekends, so that way weekdays are just pour and cook! Less prep = less reason for Jessica to be lazy.

I can DO this! I've already stuck to it for two days, which I know is a drop in the bucket, but I'm trying to form the habit so it follows me into the new year. This goes hand in hand with loosing weight because, as we all know, I love fast food but it doesn't love my love handles!

So there you go. Two goals down. *breathes deeply* Let's do this.

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