Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes nothing IS the answer

As you may well know, Mr. B and I have been married for...oh look it's the 20th! So 4 months as of today! Oh my, how times flies when you're having an awesome life.

Anyway the biggest question we get asked as newlyweds, and especially as newlyweds who waited a gasp-ensuing 10 years to get married (oh the horror!!!), is what has changed since we tied the knot. Inquiring minds want to know what is different.


Okay well, yes, my last name. If we're being picky. Other than that though, everything is just the same. I consider this a good thing. I mean, if something changed then that means we've changed, yes? Or maybe it's just because we've been living together for 5 years and we've been through all those roadblocks, over them, and on our merry way. Either way, that's the truthful answer.

You have NO idea how much that bothers people. They ask things like...

"Well isn't it hard to share finances?"
"Don't you have trouble making decisions together?"


"Aren't you worried that nothing changed?"

Answers are nope, nope and a huge NOPE. We are in a sweet spot. It could be the length of our time together, it could be that we're utterly compatible, or maybe it's a combination of it all. I don't know, and I'm not going to complain. I'm a lucky lady and I know it!

So the next time you ask a newlywed couple how it is to be married, or if anything has changed, be prepared to this as an answer. Sometimes nothing IS the answer.

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