Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pre-Vacation Brain

Today was one of those days where we just went out to be out. Sadly the weather wasn't as nice as yesterday, but it was still pleasant enough to wander around the mall, snag some kicks on ShopKick (yes I blame you Monica!!!) and eat some delicious Souplantation for lunch.

Right now I'm in pre-vacation mode. My brain knows we leave on Friday, and I am just so calm and collected. Relaxed even. I'm sure on Thursday night I'll be freaking out over what to pack, but for now I'm going with the flow and enjoying life. It's kind of a nice feeling to have something to look forward to.

You'll probably hear it a lot on this blog, but I love the heck out of my hubby. He's shown me that there is a fine line between working hard, and working yourself to ruin. So thanks for that baby. I needed it.

Bring on vacation!

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