Thursday, February 20, 2014


So remember when I said I wanted to post in here like three times a week?


That was so two months ago.

Now I'm just trying to post in here whenever I have enough down time to actually sit still and have a coherent (non-book-related) thought :). Lord knows that no matter how busy I get, I will never give up my book blog. It's my outlet. It's my passion. I don't get paid for it (okay I kind of get paid for it, just in books) but I love it just the same. I think I'll be 60 and still book blogging.

ANYWAY. Updates. Short and sweet.

- Exercising is going well! It's month two of our body makeover and, while we haven't seen a ton of results yet (because we shouldn't expect to), we're feeling good. It takes all my willpower not to crawl into bed at the end of the work day instead of heading to the gym, but the hubby keeps me honest.

- Healthy eating is kicking ass. You probably saw me gush about my Love With Food box earlier this week, and I'm still on the lookout for even more healthy snacks. Granted we still have our love of certain things, such as the burritos we had for dinner tonight, but overall we've improved. Paying attention to what you eat every day goes a long way in helping make better choices.

- Work is eating my life. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just the truth. I'm still not sure where my future is headed in terms of a long-term job, but for the moment things are good. I think that's all I can expect. Life has become a "live for the moment" type of thing, and I'm seizing it. Better than pouting and worrying about what I can't change.

- I need a vacation.

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  1. We have a spare room for vacation times :) good job on the health kick. Staying motivated is always a challenge