Friday, February 28, 2014

Ah, weather.

As many of you can probably tell from looking out your window, it's raining! I was told there would be thunderstorms, but they haven't happened yet. I'm rather pouty about this. I love some good thunder.

Anyway it always cracks me up how the weather causes so many waves here in So Cal. All over the U.S. people are stuck in snow, ice, and worried about their homes. They've missed days and days of work, or school, but they're making it through. I talk to people who were without power for a week. A WEEK. That's crazy.

Guys, it's raining. There's no need to panic. Perhaps you might want to worry a bit about mudslides, or flooding, if you live in an area where that is an issue. Other than that? Enjoy the rain. Relish in the fact that it's coming down so hard. Love the thunder and lightning (if they ever show up) and praise the fact that crops are getting much needed water.

It's just rain. You won't melt.

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