Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sample Society - April 2014

As you know, I've been slowly exploring the world of beauty products. Since I'm also completely addicted to subscription boxes (yes, I admit it),  I wanted to try out Sample Society! I followed this subscription for a few months first. I was consistently impressed with the brands and the curation that went into their boxes. 

So, I signed up. They have you fill out a survey when you first start, and mail you a box that caters to your tastes. This is my first box, and I couldn't be happier!

Here's what I received:

 Illume Candle Tin in Anemone 
Size: 2 oz - Value: $5.50

This candle tin is adorable, and I love that it's portable! The scent is interesting. It's very heady, almost kind of musky. I think that's because there is patchouli hanging out in this blend. I don't mind it, but I'm more of a floral scented kind of girl. So I might buy another one of these, but in a different scent!

 Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black
Size: .04 oz (Full Size!) - Value $18

I am so happy this came to me in black! I've been wanting to try a WINK eye pencil for a while, but it comes in some pretty crazy colors. I'm not a girl who can pull off green or pink eyeliner. What do I love about this? When it says it sets in 30 seconds, it's not kidding. The color stays all day, crisp and clean. I'm impressed!

 Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Beauty Papers
Size: 30 sheets (Full Size!) - Value $12

These are amazing! I've seen blotting papers before, but these are gorgeous. I mean that. There's gold leaf in them, and they are so perfectly made. Besides that, they actually work very well. You can even use both sides and they are biodegradable!

H2O Plus Aquafirm Micro-Collagen Moisturizer
Size: .34 oz - Value $10

I wasn't sure about this moisturizer at first, because I have sensitive skin. I started using it a few days ago though, and I'm so happy with the results! My skin is softer and less blotchy. Plus this smells so good. It actually makes me want to put it on. A little goes a long way, so I might just splurge on the full size version.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Cleansing Cream
Size: .34 oz - Value $5.50

I'm on the fence about this facial cleanser. On the one hand, it actually works well. It's made with all natural, holistic ingredients so I don't need to worry about harsh chemicals reacting with my skin. On the other hand, it smells very strong. I think it's the mix of essential oils that are in it. It has an odd scent that I can't quite get over. I'm going to keep using for a bit though and see if the outcome is worth it. So far I'm quite pleased with how gentle this is.

The Verdict?
This is my first Sample Society box and I'm already hooked! I signed up for this intentionally to try new brands, and find items that worked for me. Just based on this criteria, the box is already a win. Add in the fact that I only pay $15 a month, and this box is already worth $51, and you have made me a very happy subscriber. I'm already looking forward to my May box!

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