Saturday, January 25, 2014

Being "girly"

I'm making a .gif for someone, so I decided to mess around some animation. Fun!

Let's talk about being "girly", shall we?

I still don't even really understand what this word means to most people. It's always used to refer to things that are pink, sparkly, and quintessentially girl related. The question is, does this have a positive or negative lilt to it? I just don't know.

I've never really felt like I fit into what people consider to be "girly". As long as my hair is washed and combed, I don't usually style it. Ponytails and buns are my norm. I don't dress trendy. I just buy whatever is comfy and makes me happy. I also hate makeup. Seriously. HATE it. I'll wear it for nice occasions, but don't expect me to have shelves of it waiting on hand. If I have a blemish, I have a blemish. Oh well. That's life.

However I have felt lately that I need to work on looking more put together. That has much more to do with my age edging ever closer to 30, than the fact that I'm a girl. I just think it's time I up the ante. It's part a self-esteem thing, and part a "OMG I JUST NEED CHANGE" thing. I don't work with kids all day anymore. I don't run around like mad, ruining my pants and shoes in a matter of months. So why not?

This last weekend I went a got a haircut. It's the shortest my hair has ever been (right below my shoulders), and I have a lot more layers. I love it! Then, I realized I needed a hair dryer if I was going to maintain my new hair style. So...I went to ULTA. I browsed. I bought a hair dryer. Then I thought I'd need some hair products, so I bought those.

Now? I actually like doing my hair on the weekends. I enjoy washing and blow drying it before bed. I like the way my hair products smell, and I look forward to putting them in. I haven't gotten to the point where I care as much about doing my hair for work yet, but maybe. 4:40 in the morning is pretty damn early to want to care that much.

The point is, I'm trying. I don't care about being "girly", but I do care about feeling good. It's a step. 

Just don't ever expect me to love makeup. Okay? 

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  1. My Mary Kay rep calls and emails regularly asking if I need more makeup. I rarely wear it and never need more. Lol