Sunday, January 5, 2014

Healthy Habits

I bet you thought I forgot I promised to write in here 3 days a week, didn't you? Truth? Yeah, I totally did. That is until I sat down right now and saw this empty page. Building a habit is hard work. It makes me understand why they're so hard to break too!

Speaking of habits, we're attempting to build healthy ones over here in Castle Nottingham. Yup, we live in a castle. Deal with it.

Since the hubby is on a mission to get to a healthy weight, I've decided to join him in the attempt. Lord knows it's a million times easier to eat healthy and be active when someone isn't fighting you every step of the way. How are you supposed to enjoy your apple, when the person you live with is chomping on a Snickers bar? I've been there. It sucks.

Things we've done so far this week:
* Take a walk every day.
* Stock our fridge and pantry with healthy options and get rid of all the other stuff.
* Make sure we have water bottles or cups of water in front of us so we remember to drink.
* No eating out, except once a week. (This week we went to Souplantation. YUM!)

Never have I seen our fridge so full of goodness. Celery, kale, spinach, beets, oranges, apples, and the list goes on. So much color! I giggled today when we were walking around the farmer's market, because my hubby remarked how much appreciation he has for good fruit now. I love that. I love it so damn much.

It's only been a week, but so far so good! Building habits is tough, but also totally worth it.


  1. You guys are awesome!!! Good luck with your endeavor. I've found it's also easier if you plan all the meals for the week and then go shopping just for those meals. Because I only buy ingredients for meals, I am never buying chips, and bars, and candy, and "snacks" that often clutter up the kitchen and stomachs. Miss you guys MUCHO! You guys rock!

  2. You guys are my inspiration for the new year. I have actually made up my mind to join in on the fun and the challenge of developing some healthy habits. I started on the 2nd. Only 3 days but what a feeling. Although it might be easy to slack because we feel like nothing is really really is. In our attitude for each day, our outlook on tomorrow and just the good feeling that comes from caring for oneself. Love you two soooo much. Let's a healthy way of course!!