Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Let's kick this year off right, by starting up my journal for 2014! If you'll remember, I've vowed to write in here as much as I can over the coming year. I even went ahead and bought an inspirational book to help with prompts in case I hit a road block. Be prepared for musings, memories, angst, joy and all that jazz. It all goes here.

Also there year I've decided to play along with the Photo A Day Challenge!

Click the pic to go to the post!

I tried to do this once before and never followed through. This time I'm not holding fast. I'm going to try to do as many as I can each month :). It's funny, but going through the photos I did take for this challenge last year was so fun! So many memories, of small silly things and yet things that made me smile. I'm rocking Instagram on this challenge, and you can follow me here if you're joining up too!

I'll post more later this week, possibly even tomorrow, but I just wanted to actually sit down and write something in here to form a habit!

Happy 2014 all you awesome people out there! Let's kick some behind this year, shall we?

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