Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snail Mail

What to talk about today? Staring at that blinking little icon on a blank page is a little daunting, I'm not going to lie. I write all day long. Emails, book reviews, Facebook and Twitter posts, and then in here. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, no?

Let's talk snail mail today. Shall we?

I stumbled upon this totally awesome set of postcards in the Library Book Store. Yup, the Los Angeles Public Library has it's own store. It's awesome, but I digress. Point being I found these awesome postcards and then I thought to myself... why don't I ever send postcards to people? It's not like it takes a lot of effort. Write on it, throw on a stamp, and voila you have yourself one that's ready to be mailed.

So I'm going to try to send more snail mail this year. More random notes, cards, and other fun things that I find. I'm always excited when someone sends me something, so why shouldn't I spread the love?

If you'd like to be on my list of people to send things to, shoot me your mailing address! Now to hunt for more awesome cards.

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