Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Polish Chronicles: Part 2

I've gotten in the habit of painting my nails about once a week :). It's pretty much my Saturday afternoon ritual at this point. I was hoping that my new nail polishes would come today but, alas, they did not. So once again my nails are a pretty fuschia color (Ulta's Fuschiamania to be exact) and I decided to play around with nail stamping this time!

Nail stamping is something I've been reading about, but was hesitant to try. It sounded cool in theory! So when my co-worker was kind enough to lend me her kit to try out, I was excited!

The basic premise is this:
* Spread the special polish on the stamping plate
    - They have these awesome designs stamped in to a metal disc
* Use the scraper to scrape any excess polish off of the top of the plate
    - This leaves polish in only the picture!
* Push the stamper down onto the plate to pick up the picture
* Quickly move to your nail and gently roll it over to transfer the picture!

It took about two tries for me to get it exactly right, which is why I only did one nail per hand. Again, so much easier to only fix one! You can see the finished product to the left though! Super cool!

If you search on Amazon you'll see that there are all sorts of plates filled with different kinds of pictures. Hearts, swirls, leopard print, pretty much anything you can think of. What an easy and amazing way to decorate your nails!

I'll have to play around with this more, but as it stands I'm hooked.

I'm a nail polish-a-holic and I don't care who knows it :).

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