Friday, March 14, 2014


Wow, am I glad that it's actually Friday. This week, while it had both its ups and downs, felt way too long. I couldn't contain my excitement at the end of the day today. I probably looked like a little kid wiggling in her seat, waiting for the bell to ring :). Some things never change.

It's funny, because I still remember when I used to take weekends for granted. When I worked at the Y, weekends had to be spent going out. I wanted to be places, go to movies, shop, do anything but sit at home. Now, weekends are all about minimal plans. I still love going out, but the hubby and I will plan things so that we're out for a few hours, and then we come home and relax. Or, sometimes we'll just stay home and in pajamas all day. I relish my weekends now. I look forward to them with an intensity that I never had before.

The more I stop and look at my outlook before, versus my outlook now, the more I see how much I've changed. I guess I really am growing up, huh? Still, you know I'll always be a big kid at heart. There's no taking that away from me.

Happy Friday evening! Rock it, or stay in and rest. Either way, enjoy!

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